is a Cellular Wellness Drink

with a vital mineral

from Icelandic Sea-Salt


bound with Oxygen into Clean Mountain Water


80ml daily recommended portion


stabilised oxygen and chloride ion


Keeps the amount of fluid within and around cells in balance.

Helps regulate the pH (acid-alkali / acid-base) balance of body fluids.

Maintains proper blood volume and pressure.

Critical constituent of hydrochloric acid, a powerful digestive enzyme that is responsible for the break down of proteins.

Helps digestion and absorption of many nutrients including iron and vitamin B12.

Moves muscles.

Maintains proper kidney function.

Conducts nerve transmission.

Without chloride,

the human body would be unable to maintain fluids in blood vessels,

conduct nerve transmissions, move muscles, or maintain proper kidney function.

Light4You aims for Pure, Delightful and top Quality Supplements.

iFo  Water of Life

contains the forgotten Essential Mineral from Sea-Salt in its pure and natural form.


Chloride Ion performs many roles and is rapidly excreted from the body.

Supplementing this mineral is essential on a daily basis.

It works to ensure that your body's metabolism is working correctly.


3 L bag in a box

1 month supply

54 € / 3 L

enlighten your life

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